Why Casio?

Hey SaaZoners :)

I get this question quite a lot "Alanwar why do you only sell Casio? There are so many other brands out there"

I have always believed in specialization. Maybe its because of my father's influence discussing that topic many number of times or maybe because i love seeing a business that works like clockwork from the security guard to the sales people to the person billing your sale.

Specializing in Casio has been a long scary journey as many times seeds of doubt have sprouted within my mind. Am i doing the right thing? What if people don't see my vision? What if it all falls flat on my face? Will i make enough money for this to be a sustainable business?

Through it all Allah has seen me through and here we are 9 years later with the largest collection of Casio Timepieces in East Africa :) ( check them out in this link https://www.saazone.com/

Furthermore we have also introduced 2 other brands ; Swatch and Zinvo which again by the Grace of Allah though in their infant stages are doing well.

Look at me distracted as always diverting from the main topic at hand... Why Casio?

Before selling Casio i used to sell a large number of brands which i used to ship from China.

Issue with those watches was out of every 10 watches 2-4 watches would be returned in a few weeks with customers citing issues such as it has stopped working or the hands have come loose.


There was a local supplier i also used to buy goods for and i saw he had Casio's. So i decided to sell them too. Even though they were expensive compared to their Chinese counterparts.

Eventually i realized they were expensive with good reason. Casio watches never had an issue so returns were very very very few. In numerical terms we can say out of 1000 watches we would have only 1 issue :)

This figure stands true even up to today

So that translates to Casio Machines being the very best in the market.

Furthermore many of their main models ( apart from the V series) they are made using pure stainless steel. So that means they do not react with your skin and never fade.

Why Casio? Because you deserve the best value for your money :)


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  • I’d love to visit your shop and see you timepieces

    • Paul Mwai