Battery Change Services

We Change watch Batteries

The battery costs 500

Pickup from your location and return back cost 1000/-

*7* Reasons why having your *battery changed* with us is the *best option* for *you* 😃

1) We only use *Renata Swiss Batteries* (the *highest quality* batteries)

2) Your watch is treated with *utmost care* during the process (there are no scratches on the back of the watches during opening/closing of the watch)

3) It can be done *immediately* or *within a few hours*

4) Incase the watch has been *magnetized* we solve it *free of charge* during the battery change process (a very common issue in watches)

5) After replacing the battery we ensure *correct repositioning* of the *waterproof gasket* so that your watch maintains its water resistivity

6) It *only costs* between 500 

7) We are *one of the very few places* in Nairobi who have a *specialized machine* available used for *closing watches of particular models* (you may have experienced going to a watch technician and being told they can't replace your battery as they are unable to close the casing)


We also offer *metal belt resizing* services for *300/-* 

and *pin replacement* services for *200/- per pin*

*Tightening of loose watch hands* 200/-

Drying up of foggy watches and replacing waterproof gasket - 1000/-

*Whatsapp* Alanwar on 0706 402 296